Tips for a home

  1. The home should always be free of clutter and there should not be too many obstructions for the energy entering the house.
  2. Always sit with your back towards a solid wall for support, and have enough space in front of you. This will control/curb back stabbing from staff and colleagues and ensure management as well as client support. If there is no solid wall or there is a window behind you, have a high back chair, one that comes up to the head area.
  3. Do not sit facing a wall, especially if you are in a creative field. If this is not possible, then have a picture, of your favorite subject/personality, on the wall; you are facing constantly, while at work. For e.g. a garden path leading somewhere. A waterfall with gentle water, not the gushing kind. A picture of your favorite film or sports personality, or even your family or kids, will do. It should be a picture that signifies beauty and perhaps brings a smile to your lips.
  4. Maintain a clean and tidy desk and keep files or papers in order, not in a haphazard manner. If using a PCU, then make sure that this is to the left of the desk and the telephone is to the right. Ensure that you are not reflected in the glass top of the desk. If you are, then place leather or paper folder, in front of you.
  5. Placement of a desk in a cabin should have the occupant facing the door of the cabin, but not directly in line with the door. The door represents opportunity and having one's back to it, will mean missing out on opportunities or not being aware of them, when the time is right.
  6. The reception area should be open, without obstructions, especially when it is at the entrance of the office. This allows the energy to move into the entire premise, without encumbrance.
  7. If wood is your favorable element, then place a real plant, in your vicinity. If water, metal, earth or fire is your element, then place a water fountain/aquarium, chiming clock/wind chimes, crystal clusters or candles respectively. The most important thing is to find out your element by the Four Pillars theory and not by your Ming gua.
  8. If you are experiencing problems regarding theft or cheating in your office, place a pair of Fu-Dogs or Protective Lions, at the entrance of your office. Make sure that the pair is yin and yang, and not both yang or both yin.
  9. Place three legged toads or P i-xu's to invite better business. If using the 3-legged toad make sure that this is not above 3 feet from the ground and the Pei-xu's are above 5 feet from the ground.
  10. The foyer of an office should be neat and tidy, with Feng Shui products like Qi-loons, to attract good business.

Tips to enhance the Feng Shui of an office or business premise

  1. The Golden rule of Fengshui - Never work in an area, where there is clutter. Ensure that the records and filing cabinets are kept tidy. Energy stagnates in an area, where clutter accumulates. This will bring monetary losses.
  2. Having a beautiful garden or a clean and attractive driveway or car park at the entrance of your building ensures good Feng Shui. A winding road leading towards the building or bungalow will bring positive energy, into a home.
  3. Make sure that there is no toilet/kitchen, directly facing the front door.
  4. There should be no sharp corners or anything negative like the neighbor's drainpipes visible from the front entrance or from the Living room.
  5. Use salt-water baths to clear self of negative energies. Place salt in corners of homes and offices and even bathrooms, to rid areas of negative energy. The salt used is sea salt and not the powdered variety.
  6. Sitting or sleeping under a beam is extremely bad Feng Shui. It brings depression, headaches or migraine.
  7. Sleeping under an open window breed's insecurity and instability, so make sure there is a solid wall behind or close the window and draw the curtains.
  8. In the year 2001, right up to Feb 2002, hang a wind chime, to take care of the evil 5 star, which resides in the SW, for this year.
  9. Hang a lead glass crystal, at the window of the Living room, if one is gossiped about, or if the wealth star falls in the toilet.
  10. Never hang a Ba-Gua mirror outside the main door, especially if you have neighbors living opposite your flat/apartment. Instead hang a picture or a plate of Quan yin. You want to create positive energy around not a Feng Shui war.

Last but not least, never try using Fengshui for yourself by reading books, unless you want it to be a trial and error method. The right element in the right place will bring tremendous wealth and harmony, while the wrong element could bring disasters.