Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a technique that uses a trance like state to revive memories from the past, sometimes as far back as a previous life and to give healing suggestions to the sick and the troubled. This trance like state is known as hypnosis and has been in use in religious and healing rituals and practices from ancient times.

The practice fell into disrepute in early times where people who induced trances were said to be practicing black magic and witchcraft and the people who were being inducted into such trances were said to be under the influence of the Devil. The punishments were severe and most times the practitioners were put to death.

It is Franz Mesmer who is credited with hypnosis theories that he tested, where he discarded the magnetic rods that were used to impart energy to subjects to heal them and started using himself as the conduit. Eventually he realized that he could influence people not by touch but by simply talking to them. This was called mesmerism. One of Mesmer’s pupils who continued his research found that verbal commands could get positive results. There are many physicians and scientists who researched further into the 19th century to use mesmerism especially during war times where surgical procedures were done. The tireless work of Dr. Milton Erickson who is considered the father of modern hypnosis aided in bringing hypnosis and thereafter other techniques using hypnosis to bring therapeutic changes to an individual by indirect suggestions etc.

Hypnosis is induced by suggestions of relaxation and calmness and anyone who is hypnotized is fully aware of what is transpiring during such a session. They do not lose control or hand over the reins of their control to the therapist. It deals with the conscious (aware and analytical) and the subconscious mind (where we store information without any bias). A past life regression has helped people deal with pain, stress, anxiety and in some cases has also helped deal with severe illnesses as the subconscious mind is supposed to be the site for ESP or the sixth sense and a mechanism of immense power and one of the primary benefits offered by hypnosis is its ability to direct that power to attain positive results.