Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where did you learn Feng Shui? I learnt Black Hat Fengshui initially from books and then from a teacher from 1992 onwards, but I wasn't satisfied, until I learnt the Flying stars, from my Sifu, Joseph Yu, both through a correspondence course and then in several Master classes from 1999 to the present period. I have also done the Four Pillars of Chinese Astrology, at Sydney as well as in Canada. This helps in giving me more information about the person and his Heaven Luck, which aids me when placing the cures/remedies for a home.
  • Is the knowledge of Four Pillars necessary to do a good Feng Shui Audit? It is right that knowledge of the Four Pillars of Chinese Astrology and/or Indian Astrology can go a long way in aiding to find the right cure for a client, but it is not absolutely necessary. It is after all Heaven's Luck and also gives us a clue as to whether the cures placed for the client will bring in instant results or take a longer period of time. However, it not always very easy to find the Useful God/element, in a chart, as the study is extensive as well as intensive, so only people who are seriously interested should go for the study of Four Pillars of Destiny.
  • Can you learn Feng Shui through books? It is always better to learn with a Master, than through books. Without a Master, it becomes more difficult, as the finer nuances, escape a reader. More over the classics are only in Chinese and one needs to have thorough knowledge, of not only the language, but also a knack to get the cryptic verses to make sense.
  • Is there a 100% guarantee that Feng Shui works? There can be dramatic results if the Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck of a person is good. All it needs is a little stimulation, from an experienced Practitioner.
  • When is the right time to do the Feng Shui of a house? The right time to do the Feng Shui, is when you are buying the property, as it is better to find out from a practitioner whether the house is alright, in the first place, rather than when it's too late.
  • Can I place an aquarium, in my house, to bring me wealth? It is true that an aquarium brings in wealth, but where you place it is of utmost importance, as placing it in the "wrong area", can create more harm then good.
  • Is it true that painting my door red, if it is the South will get me fame? On the contrary, if there is a "sickness star", in this area, it will get enhanced, as red or fire enhances earth and then you may have people living in the house falling sick.
  • Where should I hang a wind chime? A wind chime is always to be hung outside, rather than inside a house, because it needs to chime when the wind plays with it. In some cases, it is used to soften the energy coming into the house. However, if it is placed in an area that has a 2 star and a 5 star it can bring negative results due to 'interferences' from 'uninvited visitors'
  • I am a receptionist, and I sit right in line, with the door of my office, I have been told that facing the door is good, Please comment? Yes, it is true that one must not have one's back to the door, but one must not be in direct line with the door too, as there is a rush of energy coming in and one needs to shield oneself from this direct hit. Place something to stop the energy getting to you directly, maybe a plant or a screen of some sort.
  • Is Feng Shui a religion? No, it is an alternate science and according to my Sifu, it is an unconventional science that has theoretical results supported by unverified statistical data.
  • Are mirrors and flutes useful and how? In the earlier days brass was used to cure sickness, this brass was polished to a reflective sheen. Today mirrors have replaced the reflective brass by people who did not know what the brass was used for, in the first place. Mirrors can still be used, in the right way. If there is something beautiful you see, get it into your house through the use of a mirror. The best cures are the five elements. Flutes etc. cannot bring in even half the results that the five elements do. How and where to place them, and in what quantity is the key to it all.